2 Day Exchange
The Exchange Program is a great investment if you are interested in starting your own business. This course covers an abundance of essential information that a full-time Barber will need in order to increase his or her salary. Over the course of 48 hours information that explains and demonstrates precision, professionalism, products, pricing, skin and scalp issues, marketing, branding and a breakdown of the Pro Service Guide will be covered. Additional, there will be a lot of hands on work that will ensure the Barber completely understanding the information that is being assimilated.

Over the course of the two days you will have received hands-on training on the following services:
Cutting and Styling
Color Techniques
Pro Color Enhancement
Skin Disorders
Dermal Therapy Scrub
Ingrown Hair Extractions
Clipper Modifications and Repairs
Day one: The system will be broken down to the rudimentary understanding of why it works and how. The curriculum will cover strategic ways of implementing new services and understanding the value of marketing. You will also learn how to successfully triple your income by learning what products to sell, the proper price points for your products and services, up selling, and wholesaling. Charging $50 or more requires a complete understanding of knowing your worth and knowing how todays markets affects that value. Following the proven methods taught by this system will guarantee an upward success rate.

Day Two: An introduction to the foundation for a productive and financially rewarding business model. The second day of the exchange program is focused on branding. How to create a successful brand in the Barber industry. During this part of the course we break down your personal brand and brainstorm strategic ways to build your business using your brand name, logo, slogan and designs to attract your desired clientele. During this part of the course if you don’t have a logo and brand name you will be assisted in that area if necessary.
At the completion of the program each barber will receive the ICUTPRO certificate of completion and a Pro Service Guide. You will also automatically become a part of the ICUTPRO Fraternity. Here you will have continuous support from other members which have gone through the same steps as you.
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